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Altitude AI's platform, Altitude OS, solves the toughest hand-eye coordination tasks by adding AI, computer vision, and force sensing to industrial robots.

Pick and Place

Primary Food Handling
Secondary Food Handling
Deli Meat
Burger Patties
Case Ready
Frozen Chicken
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Bone Dust Scraping

Pork Products
Lamb Products
Beef Products

Cutting and Trimming

Pork Products
Lamb Products
Beef Products
Poultry Products
Seafood Products
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Protein Products (Chops, Chicken Breast, Steaks)
Scooped Ingredients (Rice, Beans, Sauces, etc)
Packaged Ingredients (packets, etc)
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What Our Solutions Offer

At Altitude AI, we are committed to delivering the highest quality automated solutions for our customers.

Here are some of our key differentiators.

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Hand-Eye Coordination

Our solutions integrate computer vision, force sensing, and intelligent decision making to solve your most challenging dexterity tasks.

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Fully Autonomous

Our solutions are fully autonomous, meaning that they are able to operate with minimal human intervention or training.

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Small Footprint with No Retrofitting

Our solutions are small, designed to take as little space as one worker, and integrate into your facility without changes to the production line.

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Real-Time Artificial Intelligence

Our advanced 3D / 2D computer vision system reacts in under 200ms and learns over time.

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Remote Monitoring

Our solutions integrate with your SCADA / HMI systems and can be remotely monitored.

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Waterproof and Food-Safe

Our solutions are waterproof and food-safe, capable of handling the toughest washdown requirements.

What does our robotic automation roadmap look like?

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Initial Call
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Initial Call

Our team will work with yours to understand the unique needs of your business, introduce our automated solutions, and develop a plan of action.

Onsite Visit
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Onsite Visit

Our team will tour your facility in person, observing your current operations and evaluating which areas our solutions can offer the most value.

Test & Deploy
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Test & Deploy

Our team will handle all the technical details of coding and building key details. We provide protoypes, in-house testing, and onsite testing.

Ongoing Support
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Ongoing Support

Our team stands by our products. To ensure our solutions always operate at peak efficiency, we provide maintenance, troubleshooting, and updates.

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