Altitude AI

is the Brains of Industrial Automation

Presenting Altitude OS, our software platform enabling industrial robots to complete advanced hand-eye coordination tasks.

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Our software platform, Altitude OS, solves the toughest hand-eye coordination tasks by adding AI, computer vision, and force sensing to industrial robots.

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Real-Time Artificial Intelligence

Our best-in-class 3D / 2D computer vision system reacts in under 200ms and learns over time.

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Remote Monitoring

Our solutions integrate with your SCADA / HMI systems and can be remotely monitored.

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Waterproof and Food-Safe

Our solutions are waterproof and food-safe, capable of handling the toughest washdown requirements.

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Hand-Eye Coordination

Our solutions integrate computer vision, force sensing, and intelligent decision making to solve your most challenging dexterity tasks.

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Fully Autonomous

Our robotic solutions are fully autonomous, meaning that they are able to operate with minimal human intervention or training.

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Small Footprint with No Retrofitting

Our solutions are small, designed to take as little space as one worker, and integrate into your facility without changes to the production line.

Five Benefits of Robotic Automation

1. Increased Efficiency

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Robotic automation can increase the efficiency of a manufacturing process. By automating tasks that are typically performed by human workers, robots can speed up the manufacturing process and reduce production costs.

2. Reduced Errors

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Robotic automation can reduce errors in the manufacturing process. Robots are capable of performing tasks with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability, which can improve the quality of products.

3. Increased Safety

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Robotic automation can increase safety in the workplace. By automating tasks that are potentially dangerous for human workers, robots can help to create a safer working environment. Robots can also be equipped with safety features such as sensors and guards to further protect workers from potential hazards.

4. Improved Quality

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Robotic automation can improve the quality of products by performing tasks with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. By automating tasks that are typically performed by human workers, robots can reduce the chances of errors being made during the manufacturing process.

5. Greater Flexibility

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Robotic automation can provide greater flexibility in the manufacturing process. Robots are capable of performing a wide variety of tasks, which means they can be used in a range of manufacturing processes. This flexibility allows manufacturers to easily adapt their production lines to meet changing demands.

Altitude AI believes in preserving the integrity of the existing workspace. We build our technology around your current operations, not the other way around.

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What Makes Us Different

Advanced Perception Suite

3D / 2D Computer Vision

Three Modalities of Color, Shape, and Sense of Touch

Millimeter-Level Precision

Hardware Agnostic

Seamless Integration

Small Footprint

No Retrofitting Required and No Disruptions to Existing Environment

Waterproof, Moveable, and Easy to Clean

Quick Onsite Setup

Reliable Performance

Software Focused

Fast and Accurate Execution of Tasks in Different Environments

Remote Monitoring

Over the Air Updates

Why Automation?
Why Now?

Automation is changing the nature of modern workplaces. New generations of more capable autonomous systems are appearing in environments from our roadways to the industrial manufacturing line. As machine-learning algorithms become more sophisticated, artificial intelligence continues to make huge strides.

Automation and AI have the potential to transform your business. As we enter into an increasingly automated economy, see how our solutions can benefit you.

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Increased Cost of Labor

The cost of labor has climbed more than 30% over the past decade.

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Labor Constraints

The average time to fill a vacant position has increased to over 40 days.

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Process Optimization

Automated robotic solutions have been proven to increase productivity, increase reliability, and reduce the need for outsourcing.

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